Mirror mirror on the wall

the narcissist hates me

I know you recall.

Tricks and games

he plays so well

as he tortures me

and shows me hell.

Confused and broken

I find myself

but all I want

is love and health.

I look about

and see him there

staring at me

with that dark-eyed glare.

Why so evil can he be

when once was  passion

he had for me?

Will he be able to take my soul

or can I manage

digging from this hole?

Help me please

as I gave my love

to the one who pushes

and enjoys to shove.

I want to help him

But I know I cannot

as he knows

no boundaries

and can’t be taught.

I need release

of the misery I feel

to unbind me from darkness

that is so real.

Looking forward

I can see the light

take me from evil

I beg with might.

Can’t you see me

I cry out loud

he mocks me with fury

looking proud.

Bring in the Angels

and protect my mind

release these chains

that cut and bind.

I see a future

much different from this

as I want to see ME

the person I miss!

Mirror mirror on the wall

the  narcissist likes

to see  me crawl.

He doesn’t love me

only himself

as I am an object

he sees on a shelf.

Mirror mirror

on the wall

who’s the fairest of us all?

The Empath or Narc.


Confused, I see

you seem to be

as I am left on my own

and not yet free.

Mirror mirror,

I moan and groan

my reflection is gone,

it’s HE that’s shown.


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