Each day is a new beginning and I start my day with a positive outlook.  I do this by praying, listening to upbeat music and sometimes watching funny clips posted to Facebook.  I personally find this way of doing things to kickstart my energy for the day ahead.

I walk out my door each morning knowing that as my day progresses I could bump into people who may be functioning in negativity. I am prepared to ward that off most of the time. I don’t want to miss the beautiful things that are offered each day for me. I take pleasure in seeing things I could miss if I were in a negative space.

I find that if I am around negativity to long it can consume my aura.  I have ways now to release that once I am away from certain individuals.  I feel what others push outward as if it is happening to me and know I must release those negative things in order to live in the present moment, happy.  Negativity can leave a person feeling drained and unfocused.

I am not immune to negative things but I do try to keep it at bay as much as possible. I also want to inspire others to keep grounded as we are all processing and feeling our way through life.

I am supported by my close friends and family members and I am there for them. It’s important to surround yourself with like minded individuals if you wish to succeed in life.  Some people stay stuck and want you to stay there with them. This is so unhealthy and can cause chaos as  it feels there is no real direction. It is a comfort zone that blinds you to your future successes.

We can’t make decisions for other people. We can care about people and maybe can see where they are stuck yet,  it is their life and choice to move if they wish.

Many times I have put myself on the back burner for others only to feel myself feeling confined to a place with no positive movement. I have been frustrated by this and yet, I start each day with the knowledge that I can unstick myself from situations at anytime.

I am one who is loyal.  I have been in positions where I would feel immense guilt if I chose to move away from those who held me back. I didn’t want them to feel abandoned by me.  It is their choice to stay stuck and I was doing neither any favors if I didn’t move. Leading by example is important and it creates your own sense of self worth. If you realize someone or something is holding you back it is you who has the power to move. It takes courage to move forward into the unknown and so much is out in front of us to experience.  It takes faith to jump but imperative if you want to fully experience life’s opportunities.

I am still loyal and release guilt because I am still here. I just took steps forward for myself as loyalty to ourself is a valuable lesson. Those that may feel left behind have the choice to grab my hand and go forward as my loyalty will reach for them.  I just have to take a step in a direction. I choose not to step backwards or to stand still. I choose to step forward.

Where will you choose to step?


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