The silence within:

Can you hear me in my silence? Do you answer me in yours? I wonder as I sit beneath a tree when looking out across the water in my favorite place. I ask you questions and wonder what your answers would be.

I think on the times I shared things with you and I remember the times you did with me. Where have we gone or have we even left? I see you in my mind and wonder if you still see me in yours.

We say nothing out loud as it’s as if we didn’t happen and yet we did. Life moves on and we go forward but the past is there. I haven’t forgotten and I know you haven’t but we go through life now as if the past didn’t exist.

I know it did and I know you know but have understanding it is how it has to be. Two people in different places and yet have once been in the same place. How we are opposite and yet so alike.

We had to say goodbye it was how it had to be. We know this and even still there will always be that space that lingers between us. It spans far and wide yet seems so close.

We both taught each other. It was meant to be. It was our reality at that time and this is our reality now.

As it has to be.

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