Eyes wide shut:

You are aware of people as you watch every movement.

Keen to watching people around you, so aware and yet so unaware.

Oh, how we are so alike in many ways.

This you do not see.

How I wish I could save you from yourself  as I can see what you do not.

You can’t  believe as your mind won’t allow. Oh, how we are alike in  many ways, this I did see.

You do things to  impress those who use you and take from those who love you.

This you do not notice and yet I could spot. How I wish I could save you from the leaches that slither but you cannot conceive.

Seeking approval from the ones who don’t care and taking for granted those that do.

Those that take from you manipulate their way in as it works for them. They are like you and yet you are blind.

How I wish I could show you but the darkness is to far and wide.

You know people by watching and learning and yet those that use you are still veiled.

You need their approval why?

This is because they do not care.

You can spot they do not.

This is not shown but subconsciously known.

So, you take from those that give and give to those that take.

They are like you, can’t you see?  I wish I could save you from them and you not hate me.

They want you isolated from those that notice who they are.

My eyes are opened and can recognize what you do not.

You  think that I am blind because I didn’t discern who you were.

I am aware of those around you .

I spot them in protection

As I wish to shield you and never did myself well.

We are alike in many ways but you cannot tell.  I wanted to guard you I feel I have failed.

Your eyes are wide shut.


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