Coming out of the fog:

I know what it’s like to go through the fog and feel you are sifting through your emotions. You can’t see in any direction and need time for a path to clear. After a discard from a narcissistic relationship you can feel very confused.

Whether you left for clarity or they did by a disappearing act you will feel depleted of energy and need to distance yourself and go within for a time. This will help you to get grounded.

Narcissists do things in a way that leave you feeling stuck. It’s best to stay away from anyone or anything that triggers emotions about this person until you get through the fog. If you don’t it can stir up emotions that continue to keep you stagnant in a chaotic mindset.

Narcissists are very selfish people that don’t consider your feelings as they are to consumed with there own. They react to their feelings based on any giving moment. Whatever they are feeling in those moments are their truths and stories they have created to protect them. It can seem selfish and like they have no emotions but they do and just have a different reality than yourself.

You can’t change the mindset of a narcissist if they are in this headspace. It is best for you to not seek answers from them as you won’t get the clarity you are looking for. This will keep you from moving forward.

I know this is difficult as we are truth seekers and need closure to heal. You can get closure if you can accept who you have been dealing with and understand they don’t care about your feelings as they are consumed in their own emotions.

Take the time given to you to move forward and decide not to look backward.  The path is being cleared for you to go forward. Everything is happening for a good reason even if you can’t see what’s before you.

You can rest and clear your thoughts during this time. You will regain perspective and get strength to do what you need to for you. In the relationship with the narcissist you were giving everything you had to them. They did not appreciate you or what you were giving to them. They are selfish people who have a high sense of entitlement. They take what you gave of yourself for granted because they expect it and don’t consider your needs.

Give to yourself now all you have gifted to them and watch your life begin to change. You will regain your strength, a positive self image and attract other people better for you in your life. Surround yourself with individuals who will respect you, your time, and your grace.  Let the narcissist go and don’t turn back or you will get looped in a toxic cycle again that never gets any better.

There are those who will want to spend their time with you that you may not have noticed before. When you let go of the dead weight that has been holding you back from your own desires in life, you will begin to see the clearing for your new destination.

You didn’t do anything wrong. You are loving, loyal, and giving. You did your best for someone who didn’t deserve what you had to offer. They weren’t in a place to truly receive the gifts they were blessed with from you and don’t understand the blessings of truly giving back with an open heart.

They have their own lessons to learn in life and if they choose to stay stuck then let them. You have the power to move forward and gain the lessons from the experience to move into a healthier , happier, and successful place. This was a gift even if it hasn’t appeared that way.

The world has so much to offer you if you will allow yourself to grow through the lessons given to you in life. You can stay in a space of resentment or forgive for yourself and move into the next chapter of the story of your life.

If you want your dreams to come true take the steps forward and allow yourself to move through your feelings. You weren’t rejected as it may feel this way. You were protected by something higher than you. It was something that needed to happen so you would grow from the experience and get to where you are destined to be. You have the gift of hope and use that gift now to believe that you deserve the best life has to offer you.

Open your heart to receive and don’t give to those who can’t appreciate you. Give to yourself now, empower yourself and pay attention to all the blessings you have been missing as you have been to focused on the narcissist.

Until next time 💜

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