The dancing music box

I once came upon a dancing statue. I peered at the two dancing as if they were my true love and I.  As I watched the statue dance round and round I imagined them happy. I could feel the joy as if it was oozing from this piece of art. How I look at things in a way that is so delightful at times. This is something I like about myself. It is like dreaming but it is a wonderful feeling and although strange to some is the child inside me looking toward my future. A future with my partner full of happy times that include a dance like this.

It was like looking at a huge music box of sorts. I was amazed and delighted in thinking about how the artist must have been feeling when making this piece of magical art. Did they feel like I or think like myself. I imagined them as a dreamer, one full of joy and love.

I enjoy thinking back to this time as it felt peaceful. I had feelings someone out there understood what I feel in moments of thinking about my true love. I wondered if the person I loved would have the same impression as I or if they would just see it inside of me.

Art is a way of expressing oneself and I am drawn to pieces like this. It is magestical and a masterpiece to wonder upon. I call it the dancing music box even though it has its own name.  It is a wonderful memory I visit often in my minds eye.

The dancing music box.

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