Before I knew what you were someone referred to you as a mannequin. They were joking when they said it but I remember your expression well. You were not amused as she joked on about how you stood off alone watching everyone while leaning up against a wall. You wearing sunglasses thinking it hid your disgust. I was flitting around being social as it was my birthday but I could feel your discomfort as I approached the two of you.

I walked over as she laughed out loud and began calling you a mannequin. I thought she said it because you were so handsome . You asked why she said this. She expressed in laughter how you stood staring at everyone without engaging. I could sense this made you feel uncomfortable and I stood closer to you as others came around to photograph us. This seemed to make you happy. As we smiled for the camera you whispered in my ear your dislike of one of my friends.

I could see you were done and I to was ready to bounce out of this place along side you. I grabbed your hand and we said our goodbyes and scurried out onto the street. I hung close to you and happily laughed along side you about the night.

Later you mentioned how you didn’t like when my friend called you a mannequin. I recall saying it was because you looked so amazing and this seemed to please you. It was never mentioned again as if it never happened.

Later when I realized what you were this moment came barreling back to my memory. Now many moments like this come to mind as it makes so much sense to me now. How could I miss the signs?

If only I had noticed what she did. She thought you were odd and said so many times. I brushed it off and defended you. I didn’t see what she and others saw.

A mannequin was how you were described to me on this night. Oh how close she was in her description of you. How is it she could see what I couldn’t. I understand why it upset you now. You were unmasked and now it is clear why you didn’t want me to hang out with her.

In a moment of such fun you were unmasked. Close call I am sure you thought and I whisked you away to safety . I of course took the hand of a mannequin and put myself in emotional harms way.

How clearly I see it now. I bet you were glad my party included wearing sunglasses at night. I wonder how that night was seen by a mannequin in shades. I guess you watched us weave and breathe our story lines.

Sun glasses at night:

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