I feel:

I thought when we met that we were the perfect match

I soaked you in like sun rays on a beautiful summer day

I thought you were the sunshine as your warmth made me feel safe

I thought I saw love in your eyes as you intently looked upon me

I thought you felt safe and would always support and protect me

I thought I would take care of you and love you forever

I thought we would travel the world and experience life together

I thought we would be a family and enjoy those memories made

I  thought  we were best friends and enjoyed each others company

I thought I was important to you as you were important to me

I thought we would be partners and we would stay united

I thought you respected me as I respected and admired you

I thought I could trust you and believed I would always be able to

I thought you would never hurt me and would make sure no-one ever did

I thought you cared about my dreams and wanted me to succeed

I thought you would be there to support me as I planned to support you

I thought my life would be easier with you and I thought I helped make yours that way

I thought you listened to things I liked and were genuinely interested

I thought I would be there through your successes and you would be there for mine

I thought you were sincere as I sincerely opened my heart up to you

I thought you understood me as I felt we appreciated each other

I thought we were in love as I loved you and you said you loved me

I thought…

I thought…

I thought…

I think…

I think…

I think…

I cried, I mourned, I realized

I fought against what I thought I understood

I thought, I fought, I was sought out and caught

I see, I saw, I was blinded

I am awake, I want to sleep, I need to heal

I hurt, I ache, I feel alone

I think I can heal as I know I am strong but I feel so weak

I think I will trust again as I have always trusted

I thought I could trust myself and my own judgement

I think I lost confidence and faith in me

I think, I thought, I fought, I sought

I know through pain I find strength and I find who I am and who I once was

I know I am worthy and I deserve all that I have desired in life

I know I can recover as long as I let go but it hurts as I feel a part of me gone

I thought it was real but I learned it wasn’t at all

I think I wanted it so much I ignored the signs as I liked the illusion.

I thought I had been handed a gift,  it just wasn’t the gift I had anticipated

I thought I got the gift of finding true love with another

I thought I knew myself and was independent and self assured

I don’t have to think as I now know, the gift was facing me

I know the gift was learning to love me and I gained

You thought you stole my soul but instead you lead me

right where I needed to be. Facing me, Loving me, knowing me.

I feel…

I feel..

I feel…

I am thankful…

I am thankful…

I am thankful…













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