Things that are annoying a Narcissist does:

I thought today I would write some unnerving things a narcissist can do. I thought I would write some things and you can in the comments below if you would like .

1)Always late but will expect everyone else on time for them. They either have a pocket of excuses or ignore it all together as if they were on time. (This is a sense of entitlement attitude. Poor boundary awareness, lack of empathy, blame shifting)

2)Live beyond their means to keep up appearances and brag (to the outside world) but make every excuse in the world for why they are broke other than they live beyond their means(to family) (Sense of entitlement, blame shifting, projection, deflection.

3)The victim narcissist complains constantly and does zero to make healthier changes for what they complain about. They have an excuse for everything. (Boundary breaker, sense of entitlement, lack of empathy, blame shifter)

4)Extrovert narcissist : Always needs center stage, brags about anything they can any chance they can. Not humble, pretentious, hauty, jealous of others who may get attention, talk poorly of others, don’t support others but expect to be supported, never grateful, expect people to understand their feelings even if not expressed, expect people to understand their feelings if they are expressed, expect people to agree , they don’t care to understand you, not helpful to you, and smear you behind your back. If they do something for you it is only because it is something to brag to others about to make them look good and or because they really do it for themselves but pretend it’s for others. Steal others jokes or accomplishments. Exploit friends and family for attention. ( boundary buster, lack of empathy, self entitled, deflection, blame shifter, projection.)

5)Untrustworthy: will talk about you and your inner most personal things but expect you to never do that about them. (Lack of empathy, self entitled, boundary buster)

6) Cheap: terrible gift giver unless it makes them look good, will regift , will take your things(steal them and act innocent) will use you for residual benefits, expects you to pay for them, never says thank you and you carry most of the weight of everything In the relationship. ( self entitled , lack of empathy, boundary buster )

7) Expects you to call, make the plans with them, text, if you don’t you are a bad friend. They haven’t lifted a finger to do anything in the relationship but project outwardly it’s all you. (lack of accountability, lack of empathy, boundary buster, self entitled, lack of awareness, blame shifter, projection and deflection.)


9) Always has to be right, finds things to argue about, wastes time, lazy but pretends to be busy. (Self entitled, blame shifter, boundary buster, deflection, projection, lack of empathy, lack of self awareness)

10) Can’t and won’t self reflect, can’t take any critism, sees people as either good or bad, finds something wrong with everyone and everything, never satisfied, gets angry quickly, passive aggressive, cheats in life to get ahead , uses people including family to get their way or to have facade management. (Lack of awareness, self entitled, boundary buster, blame shifter, projection, lack of self awareness)

11) Pretends to be someone they aren’t at the expense of others. (Self entitled, lack of awareness, lack of empathy, boundary buster)

12) exploits you or other people in whatever way works for them in the moment.

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