Some Narcissistic Red Flags:A

Red flags are warning bells that go off internally that lets you feel something is wrong. At the start of every relationship people are usually putting their best foot forward. After a few months most people begin to relax more and we can get a better view of who a person really is.

When dating a narcissist there are early warning signs, some are subtle and if not aware you may write those off. If paying attention and not throwing all your cards on the table right from the start of a relationship, you could save yourself some heartache.

What are some of these red flags you could be looking for? There are many but I will list below a few signs to help guide you. If you see one , it doesn’t mean someone is a narcissist . They may be narcissistic and we all have some of the traits. Pay attention to see if there is a pattern.

1.) Always late:
This shows entitlement, superiority, lack of empathy.

2.)Isn’t close with their family nor talks about them much.

3:)Doesn’t have close friends or any that are long standing. May have serious problems with interpersonal relationships with a lack of awareness they have been the problem. Acts like a victim.

4:) Mirrors everything you like or do. May have identity issues and therefore mimics you or tries to enmesh by wanting to do everything with you or that you do.

5.) Incessantly texts, calls, shows up at your house or work uninvited.
Acts jealous about you with others, your accomplishments, always has to one up you.

6.) Seems to rush the relationship. Wants to sleep over every night, move in right away, says I love you quickly, talks of marriage to soon.

7.)Tries to take over your finances , doesn’t want you hanging out with your friends or family, wants you to quit your job and be with them, acts sick all the time so you will cater to them.

8.) Can’t keep a job , moves within jobs often, can’t seem to work with others, talks bad about the people they work with constantly, never seems to have money, or the opposite and over the top extravagant early on.

9.) Talks bad about their ex all the time especially when you are just getting to know them.

10) Likes to gossip about others but pretends to like them to their face.

11.) Seems to always have chaos in their life.

12.) Doesn’t respect your boundaries yet has high expectations of you.

13.) Rude to wait staff, poor tipper, and or flirts with wait staff.

14.) Tells you not to call except for certain hours (may lie and say because of work), Doesn’t give you their number, has more than one phone. Doesn’t answer your calls.

15.) Doesn’t introduce you to their friends , take you out in public, only calls you late night, rushes sex, sends sex texts early on, asks for nude photos, if they run into someone they know with you, they don’t introduce you.

16) Inconsistent

17.) Acts like they told you something they didn’t .

18.) Speaks in circles where they don’t make sense. You are left confused .

19.) Forgets to call or show up when they said they would.

20.) Walks Ahead of you

21) Bad with money but pretends to be successful. In debt but portrays themselves as well off.

22) Changes their identity often. (You may hear this from others)

23) Says they are only seeing you but still on dating sites.

24) Know it all, condescending , puts you down In a joking manner and then says, “Just Kidding.”

25) They show signs of lack of empathy. ( A family member passes, they say, “get over it they are in a better place. “
Laughs at things that aren’t funny (inappropriate)

26) They try to talk you into something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

27) They only consider their time and not yours. It’s all about them and their needs. They don’t consider yours.

28) You feel anxiety with them around and (or )when they aren’t around.

29) Their ex contacts you to warn you, they call them crazy and insanely jealous.

30.) They think they are above the law.
They are superior and won’t get caught. Has magical thinking , sees people as good or bad.

It is best we take our time when dating and really get to know someone. Rushing means we can miss things and a narcissist expects this. They rush things with the idealization phase hoping to love bomb you enough to bond you to them. They know you are loyal and believe in love. They know once you invest enough it will be harder for you to leave. They exploit your good nature (traits)and vulnerabilities.

If you don’t rush into a relationship, you may see consistent signs of a healthy partner or a person that is chaotic and deceitful . If you see patterns of their behavior that leave you questioning , anxiety ridden, and searching for answers, it’s best to reconsider the relationship.

If you create Boundaries and they repeatedly ignore them that is a huge Red Flag.

Not jumping into a relationship after ending one is also a healthy way to heal and tend to your own needs. Needing others to validate our sense of worth puts you in a vulnerable place. It’s better to be alone and getting to know yourself, than in a relationship where you feel alone and lose yourself.

Narcissists are master manipulators as they watch and learn how others are feeling. They use that to their advantage. They can’t relate to your feelings but that can mimic what it looks like.

Online dating sites are a place narcissist love to play. They can find out so much about you through your profile and pretend to be whomever they want. If they try to rush you into meeting them right away without getting to know much about them first , RED FLAG….

Be careful . I know it’s scary as you don’t want to get hurt again. If you create boundaries, know your worth, and don’t give away so much of yourself to soon, you can possibly avoid these types of relationships.

You will attract narcissists with your good traits always but if you hold strong boundaries, they will move on quickly realizing you are not easily controlled and manipulated.

Anyone can fall prey to these types of people . They are masters at their manipulations. Don’t judge harshly those who were conned as it could be you next, if you aren’t aware.

Things that are annoying a Narcissist does:

I thought today I would write some unnerving things a narcissist can do. I thought I would write some things and you can in the comments below if you would like .

1)Always late but will expect everyone else on time for them. They either have a pocket of excuses or ignore it all together as if they were on time. (This is a sense of entitlement attitude. Poor boundary awareness, lack of empathy, blame shifting)

2)Live beyond their means to keep up appearances and brag (to the outside world) but make every excuse in the world for why they are broke other than they live beyond their means(to family) (Sense of entitlement, blame shifting, projection, deflection.

3)The victim narcissist complains constantly and does zero to make healthier changes for what they complain about. They have an excuse for everything. (Boundary breaker, sense of entitlement, lack of empathy, blame shifter)

4)Extrovert narcissist : Always needs center stage, brags about anything they can any chance they can. Not humble, pretentious, hauty, jealous of others who may get attention, talk poorly of others, don’t support others but expect to be supported, never grateful, expect people to understand their feelings even if not expressed, expect people to understand their feelings if they are expressed, expect people to agree , they don’t care to understand you, not helpful to you, and smear you behind your back. If they do something for you it is only because it is something to brag to others about to make them look good and or because they really do it for themselves but pretend it’s for others. Steal others jokes or accomplishments. Exploit friends and family for attention. ( boundary buster, lack of empathy, self entitled, deflection, blame shifter, projection.)

5)Untrustworthy: will talk about you and your inner most personal things but expect you to never do that about them. (Lack of empathy, self entitled, boundary buster)

6) Cheap: terrible gift giver unless it makes them look good, will regift , will take your things(steal them and act innocent) will use you for residual benefits, expects you to pay for them, never says thank you and you carry most of the weight of everything In the relationship. ( self entitled , lack of empathy, boundary buster )

7) Expects you to call, make the plans with them, text, if you don’t you are a bad friend. They haven’t lifted a finger to do anything in the relationship but project outwardly it’s all you. (lack of accountability, lack of empathy, boundary buster, self entitled, lack of awareness, blame shifter, projection and deflection.)


9) Always has to be right, finds things to argue about, wastes time, lazy but pretends to be busy. (Self entitled, blame shifter, boundary buster, deflection, projection, lack of empathy, lack of self awareness)

10) Can’t and won’t self reflect, can’t take any critism, sees people as either good or bad, finds something wrong with everyone and everything, never satisfied, gets angry quickly, passive aggressive, cheats in life to get ahead , uses people including family to get their way or to have facade management. (Lack of awareness, self entitled, boundary buster, blame shifter, projection, lack of self awareness)

11) Pretends to be someone they aren’t at the expense of others. (Self entitled, lack of awareness, lack of empathy, boundary buster)

12) exploits you or other people in whatever way works for them in the moment.