The safe:

When meeting someone for the first time as an empath it can feel natural to want to share everything about yourself . This is something you should try to hold back from doing. You are friendly, loving and trusting however, you must be careful as not everyone is so kind.

There are people out there expecting this from you. They target you knowing your beautiful traits and they want to steal them from you. I know it’s hard to imagine this but it’s true. You as a trusting person project that onto others believing everyone can be trusted until proven otherwise. This is a beautiful quality but if not careful could cause you grief in time.

You could be a model employee looking for that new promotion you deserve. You work tirelessly on projects to prove yourself worthy of gaining that new title. There are people who will take credit for your work or undermine you behind your back. They may even get you to do some of their work with pity plays knowing you are a helping colleague . They see your value and exploit it by using you to gain notoriety within the company. They will never say what a great team player you are to take advantage of your good traits. If you openly say you are going to apply for the new position they could go behind the scenes to discredit you, if they are silently also going for the new job. You could find yourself scrambling to prove they have lied and the promotion could go to the snake that used you to get that job promotion. You will then begin to feel resentment and it can show in your performance as you realized you were used.

If you are interested in dating someone new and mention it to a group of people and one is wearing a false mask this scenario could also take place. The fake person could spread lies to others getting it to go to the person you are interested in. The person you wanted to date may then perceive you to be different than they may have thought. The next thing you know the toxic person in the group is now grooming the very person you were hoping to get a date with. This is because they see it as a game and need to prove they are better than you. This can deflate your confidence in yourself.

You may pitch a great business idea to someone in hopes of great feedback to find they decided to take your idea and run with it for their own benefit. You came up with the idea but they take it as their own stealing another trait from you. They give you no credit, non of the profits and then ignore you. Exasperated you could feel betrayed and lose out on profiting from something you had been planning for yourself.

You have a light that shines bright and energy that beams far and wide. These toxic people can see that in you and want what you have. They can and will slither their way into your life to gain your contacts, friends and ideas to then bolt as soon as their timing is right. You could be left standing wondering how this all happened feeling betrayed by someone you admired and trusted.

If you have money in the bank you may offer to help those in need or even express what you plan to do with it. If a person like this gets wind of it they may befriend you to gain access to what you have. If you allow this out of the goodness of your heart they could drain your accounts with promises of a financial gain only to never see that or them again once depleted.

You must protect yourself and it doesn’t seem right. You are a good and decent person so why would anyone want to hurt you by taking advantage of you? They will because they are not like you. They will pretend to be a loving , caring and a giving person mirroring back at you what you are. This is to deceive you into thinking you can trust these people with everything you have. It is a con.

You can be devastated by those that are not decent people who use others for their own personal gain. By the time their mask has come off and you see who they really are, they have run off with your ideas, money and traits to deceive their next victims. You will be left empty handed feeling abandoned by someone you should have never trusted in the first place. They don’t care and you gave your power to them while they left you feeling powerless.

Keep things tight to your chest and allow people to earn the right to sit at your table. Don’t assume because you are a good person they are. You must understand that there are people out there banking on you to automatically trust them.

The safe is where you must keep your belongings as the evil is standing near by to steal from you.

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